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Nutritional Supplements

People are usually at a loss when it comes to choosing multivitamin and mineral supplementation we have been erroneously led to believe that a healthy diet will provide us with all of the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health. However, studies have shown that numerous dietary and non dietary factors may at times play a significant role in producing nutritional deficiencies in otherwise healthy adults. By frequently skipping meals, eating nutrient-poor processed foods or dieting to lose weight, our vitamin and mineral levels may be depleted. Age, health, as well as drinking and smoking, may also adversely influence these levels.

The role of vitamins and minerals in promoting optimal health and reducing the risk of cancer and chronic diseases are in the headlines daily. Nutritional supplements still remain a confusing subject today. Even your doctor may know very little to advise you. Most medical schools devote an hour or less in nutrition, wellness and vitamins. However the multitude of vitamin manufacturers lines the shelves of drug stores. It is hard to discern truth and quality from slick advertising and packaging promotions. The nutritional supplement industry in America is unregulated. Since no regulatory body is scrutinizing the industry, false advertising claims abound. Just look at the many Infomercials on supplement products late at night on TV. The claims sound too good to be true, and usually are Consumer beware! Questions abound!

  • What types of vitamins are good for me?
  • How much do I need to achieve optimal health?
  • Which manufacturer demonstrates high quality and standards?
  • What interactions do these supplements have with my medications?
  • We can help you answer some of these questions and more.

Let us analyze your wellness needs and suggest a customized regiment to help you achieve your health goals. Interested in losing weight, antioxidants, or supplements for men and women over forty years old.

Want to be a better athlete, but don't want to take steroids? Let us help you, and the consultation is free.

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