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Doctor's Weight Control

Our weight control plans are customized to your individual needs.

No two people are alike, so we create individual weight-loss and weight-maintenance programs for each patient. This approach will help you lose weight more easily and comfortably than using a single, inflexible program designed for the masses. Once your weight-loss goals are reached, our programs are designed to help you maintain your healthy, new lifestyle.

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Comprehensive, Individual Treatment

After your thorough initial visit and laboratory testing, your physicians and the health care team will design a program to meet your needs. We will do a comprehensive history and physical. Each patient has special needs and the Doctors Weight Control & Wellness Center will design a program individualized to meet those needs.


Nutritional Guidance

You'll have state-of-the-art strategies to ensure results. What to eat, where to eat, why to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and a sound nutritional plan will be provided.

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Exercise Counseling

We will design a realistic approach to exercise that will ensure your diet success. Exercise and a regular diet are the main factors involved in weight maintenance. You'll learn and practice regular exercise tactics.

Life Style Strategies

Learn to alter those behaviors that result in weight loss failures. Success is closer when you understand which feelings trigger food cravings. Doctor's Weight Control & Wellness Centers offer advanced weight control options, which include the emotional support that you need to attain and maintain your weight goals.

Diet Pills

Dietary Supplements

Your customized program may include the newest most revolutionary weight loss and craving control with dietary supplements.

Body Fat Analysis

Tape Measure

We use an advanced computerized body fat analyzer to measure your body fat and lean muscle mass. Maintaining a healthy lean to fat ratio is essential in weight control. Periodic body fat testing will show you much more than a scale.

Metabolic testing

The real key to weight loss is knowing precisely what your body needs. The only way to know just what your body needs is through metabolic testing. Metabolic testing shows you just what is going on inside your body. You can finally unlock the mystery of your own metabolism.Read More...

Provided by Weight Management Experts

Our professional, multi—disciplinary staff of doctors, nurses, and health educators are trained to offer you the guidance and support that you need to succeed. Our physicians are active members of the America Society of Bariatric Physicians, a specialty that treats the disease of obesity & weight control management.Read More...

Nutritional Supplements

People are usually at a loss when it comes to choosing multivitamin and mineral supplementation we have been erroneously led to believe that a healthy diet will provide us with all of the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health. However, studies have shown that numerous dietary and non dietary factors may at times play a significant role in producing nutritional deficiencies in otherwise healthy adults. By frequently skipping meals, eating nutrient-poor processed foods or dieting to lose weight, our vitamin and mineral levels may be depleted. Age, health, as well as drinking and smoking, may also adversely influence these levels. Read More...

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