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Metabolic Testing

metabolic Test

The real key to weight loss is knowing precisely what your body needs. The only way to know just what your body needs is through metabolic testing. Metabolic testing shows you just what is going on inside your body. You can finally unlock the mystery of your own metabolism.

In the past, a metabolic test has only been available at universities and hospitals. These tests show precisely HOW MUCH YOU BURN ALL DAY EVERY DAY. We now offer Metabolic testing that is a simple, 10 minute breath test. It’s the same technology that NASA uses on its astronauts and Olympic athletes use to win gold metals.

During the test, the air you breathe out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed. This is how your metabolism rate is measured. With this information, you no exactly how many calories you can consume and lose weight without feeling deprived. You can learn what it means to “eat to your metabolism”.

You will be able to eat the maximum amount possible and still lose weight. Your body will be healthy, happy, and satisfied, and the pounds will melt off. And keeping the weight off is no longer a struggle, because this time you have listened to your body to tell you what it needs to succeed.

This testing is easy and offered only exclusively at Doctor’s Weight Control at 75th St Medical.

For more information on this metabolic test, check out our video below…

KORR ReeVue Metabolic Equipment

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